Funky photo is a professional photography company that provides photo services for attractions like Cruises ships, Landmarks, Aquariums, Zoos, Theme Park, Observation towers, Holiday Resorts, Restaurants and Dinner shows, Exhibistions, Museums, Gardens, Historic Houses, National Parks as well as many other attraction.

Photography is important part of the customer service at the tourist location and will certainly add value to your customers experience.
This is the essence of why photo souvenirs has become a vital part of tourist attractions.
Funky Photo has an ongoing commitment to excellence. We constantly update our equipment to utilize the most innovative technology available.

Our long-standing relationships with top manufacturers in the traditional and digital imaging markets ensure that we always use the highest quality photographic products.

No matter what your venue or special event, Funky photo will help you to project your best image ever, build brand loyalty and most importantly, satisfy both you and your guests. 

Funky photo specializes in developing and operating highly successful, top-quality photography services and solutions.

We provide our clients with seamless integration, state-of-the-art technology, superior service and professional photographers. All of which is backed up by a team of expert technical and production specialists.

Vision is simple: to add value to each guest’s experience as they stand in line. The profits, growth and big-picture business results would follow, but the guest came first.